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Halloween Contest Winners Announced

I want to start out by thanking all of the contest entries and their families who may have helped them get excited and enter the Halloween Contest. It's so important to encourage our children to be literate and to find their own kind of joy in the written word.

Whether it's comic books or encyclopedias, reading is of benefit to everyone. Fresh imaginations offer us insight into the past and the future.

All of the entries that I received showed unique imaginations and true effort. Some were scary. Some had a sense of humor. They all had personality, which is so important to writing. I had a very difficult time narrowing the selection down. I offered an anonymous poll on the Accentuate Writers Forum, which is full of professional writers of all levels. They seemed to enjoy the reading and were kind enough to cast their votes. A special "thank you" goes out to them. A.B.A.T.E. of Starke County has also donated their time in the way of a cash donation to help pay for the costs of prizes. Thank you writers and thank you A.B.A.T.E., but thanks most of all to the young writers who entered the contest.

Which brings me to the original terms. Prizes were to be awarded in 3 categories, but all of my submissions were from 8-10 year olds, so I narrowed it down to 3 prizes within that age range. Now, enough of my rambling. I'm so excited to announce the winners of the Halloween contest! congratulations toooo.....

Annika P., Age 8
Kennedy A., Age 9
Madelyn S., Age 8

(last names were not placed on here out of respect for privacy)

by Annika P., Age 8

H-ollow shadow looking at me
A-ah! A monster! I have a shaking knee
L-ots of candies filling up my bag
L-oads of pounds making me sag
O-ut to go in a fright
W-erewolves,witches and wizards cast a spell at night
E-ek! The door was closed and locked
E-veryone was scared and shocked
N-ine O' Clock, time to say good night. I might have a cavity tomorrow night.

by Kennedy A., Age 9

Happy Ghosts
Like Monsters,
On Halloween night
When the goblins come out
Every person has a fright,
Every ghost has a EKK
Never ever go to a ghost's house on Halloween night.

by Madelyn S., Age 8

Halloween night is here!
Apples bobbing, popcorn popping,
Lanterns glowing in the moonlit night.
Let’s Trick or Treat, while the
Owls hoot, and the goblins giggle, and the
Witches work their magic.
Every kid screams with delight for candy
Eyeballs, chocolate bats, and gummy spiders.
Night has come, let’s all have fun!

Congratulations for some great poems!

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Halloween Contest for Kids

I love kids. I love to promote things that have to do with kids and literacy. I worry that too much time is spent on encouraging children not to use their own imagination and I'd like to be a part of changing that. To that end I've created a Halloween contest for kids. The rules are very simple.

The contest will be broken down into 3 groups.

Ages 5-10

Jack O'Lantern:
Ages 10-13

Great Pumpkin:
Ages 13-18

Children will create a poem using the word "Halloween". The poem should have to do with fall or Halloween. It will be 9 lines long, using each letter in the word "Halloween" to start the lines. Feel free to use the template provided here for multiple submission from a variety of children, though each child can submit only one entry.

Submission must be received by October 22, 2010. Winning submissions will be published here on the site, though the creators of submissions retain rights to publish their work elsewhere. Winners will be notified by October 26, 2010 and will be asked to provide an address for shipping of prizes.

Winners will receive a glow in the dark kit and instructions on how to make glow in the dark water. The kit will include a small black light as well as the material to make the water glow in the dark. (Can you tell I'm a fan of learning through fun?)

Currently, I am funding the contest with my own earnings, so each group will have one grand prize winner. I hope to gain sponsors in the coming weeks, so you never know just what I might come up with!

Please send all submissions to Kathy@kathyfoust.com with "Halloween contest" in the subject line. Include the name and age of the author as well as using an email address that can be responded to. Thanks so much and I hope you enjoy the contest!

Photo courtesy of D. Sharon Pruitt

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