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Tattoo Artist Scott Foust

Poorly scanned copy of a drawing Scott did of my son from a wallet size photo.
The first in my series on creative people from Starke County Indiana is my tattoo artist brother, Scott Foust. On a personal level, Scott is my favorite sibling not only because he gets me and has the highest level of loyalty I've ever seen in a person, but because he's not afraid of work. The world has kicked him around and he just keeps getting right back up. He wasn't pampered through a college degree or congratulated on his every small achievement. Rather, he has made his own way on his own merit, something more people should take a lesson from.

Scott is a natural artist and some of his best work coincides with who he is as a person who places high value on family and children. My favorite work of his is what he does for families. See, there's been a trend for parents to have their children's face or name (sometimes in black light ink) tattooed on them somewhere --something not just anyone can do because first, you have to draw the picture. Then, you turn it into a tattoo. My father passed the skill of drawing down to my brother and I, but while I can only do things like portraits, Scott can literally draw anything at all. The tattoo pictured here was done based on a picture he received via Facebook.

Scott travels throughout the Chicagoland area to do tattoos. His prices are more than reasonable and he always throws some kind of bonus to the person hosting the tattoo party. In other words, he does great work and appreciates the people that he does the work for. You can contact him via his Facebook page or leave a comment here and I'll make sure he gets it.

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