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Empire Avenue

I recently joined Empire Avenue, a unique kind of social networking game where the players can buy and sell stock in each other.

Of course, no discussion about social media would be complete without adding my own profile. If you want to connect with me on Empire Avenue, just go to my Empire Avenue profile and leave me a "shout out". Make sure to mention "Kathy Foust Writing Services" in the shout out and I'll "invest" in your profile as thanks. Since I just started out here, I don't have a wealth of tips for using Empire Avenue, but I do have a few for you.

Invest in "new" people. Their stock is going to rise quickly, and with it your dividends. Several people have said not to invest in profiles that have less than 5 social media connection listed, but we all know it might take a day or two to set up a profile when you're just starting out somewhere.

Do Missions! Simply click on the "mission" tab at the top and see what there is to do. You can quickly earn "money" and make new social connections. Here's another tip: If you want to establish a presence on the Internet, try to do missions that relate to your current work. Google notices what you do.

Use the chat feature. The chats at the bottom of your window are a great way to start making real time connections with people. You can trade "likes" and swap promotions. If you're trying to get a blog endorsed, this is a great tool to use!

If you're wondering about the strange code at the top of this post, it's just a code that I have to keep there for 24 hours to verify my blog. I know it's hideous, but it's only temporary. Happy writing and I hope to see you on Empire Avenue!

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