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Buy a Book, Help a Writer

I happen to be privileged enough to have some very talented writer colleagues that I'm proud to call my friends. I have to admit that I even have a special amount of respect for my friends who write fiction because it's something that I haven't quite had the guts to tackle. It's the great unknown to me.
Today I wanted to share some of the fruits of labor from some of those friends. It's my version of showing pride in them and promoting their efforts. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Never before have I worked with such a creative and caring group of people-which brings me to the other reason for this post.

Writer Rissa Watkins has recently been diagnosed with Leukemia. Rissa happens to be one of those people with such a warped sense of humor that she can make you laugh 'til you cry even on the worst of days. If you know her then you know how much she loves her family and what a blessing it is to have her as your friend. If you don't know her, then just think of that friend you have who you can call up in the middle of the night because you know that she can put a smile on your face.

Since we writers tend to band together during times of need, when you purchase any of the books below, you will be helping out Rissa Watkins. Twin Trinity is giving a portion of the proceeds from their sales to help Rissa cover medical costs. If you buy through the links here, I'll get a referral fee which will be donated to Rissa. Other authors featured here are donating as they can, so when you buy one of their books you'll be indirectly helping them to help Rissa. That means you get some great reading material and get to help someone out at the same time. What could be better?

Dark Christmas: A collection of tales by the Circle 8 Writers group including Angle Sharum, Theresa Lashmann, Lucinda Gunnin, Robert L. Arend, Amy Browne, Laurie Darroch-Meekis, Stephen Thor Gunnin and Tamara L. Waters. These authors offer a glimpse into the dark side of Christmas. You won't be reading this one to your children on Christmas Eve! Creatures of the night and revenge come together for a whole new perspective on Christmas.

Consequences: A Short Story Anthology: Another collection from the Circle 8 Writers group, these tales feature characters that attempt to control their own fate and the consequences that follow.

Elements of Time: Published by Twin Trinity, this collection of 15 short stories and 10 poems offers a variety of views on the past, present and future. This is perfect reading for those that get gripped by a tale and don't have the time to get through an entire book before they end the suspense!

Elements of the Soul: Another Accentuate Writers anthology published by Twin Trinity Media, this collection of tales and poems gives the reader a glimpse into the elements of life that can change a soul. Take a ride on the roller coaster of love or to the depths of the seventh circle of hell with stories that unabashedly show elements of humanity that we don't always talk about in polite society.

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Lucinda Gunnin said...

Thanks for the kind words, Kathy! We here at Cricle * appreciate the promo and Rissa is one of our favorite people!!

rissawrites said...

Thank you so much! The writing community has rallied to such an amazing degree. It is mind blowing.

And thank you for you kind words about me. makes a girl feel good to have touched people in ways I never realized. (you know, without getting the police involved) ;)

jan Corn said...

I just found out about this and will purchase a book. Hope Rissa gets as much support as possible. Thanks for the heads up!

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