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Book Review: The Birth of Jaiden

The Birth of Jaiden by Jennifer Malone Wright is a fiction work that leaves the reader to ponder the depth of the impact that our histories can have on us and how the world is shaped by even a minute part of an individual.

Mrs. Wright brings the reader into the heart of a creature that is historically considered evil and leaves you to wonder if the fate of a spirit can be decided that easily. Her characters will leave you with an urge to know them in-depth while the story itself begs to be written through to the very end.

The main character, Alex give you insight into the concept of putting things behind you and moving forward, while the group as a whole reminds us that blood ties aren't the only thing that makes a family. Jaiden, a newborn and very powerful natural witch-even from the cradle is responsive in such a way as to make one wonder if true evil is something that one is born to or if it is something that needs to be cultivated.

Among the many elements of the development of the human (and immortal) character traits, one is led to question nature versus nurture and the idea that evil and good are marked by the milestones of our lives. Can something that is supposed to be inherently evil really bring the blossom of light from a human spirit?

Can a creature whose soul is doomed to hell not only learn to love again, but teach it as well? This reader is anxious to find out in Jennifer's up and coming book The Rise of Jaiden.

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