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SEO for Google

If you're an online freelance writer, you've more than likely had to write some articles that had to have SEO work into them. Sometimes the phrase seems almost impossible to incorporate into a normal sentence, but knowing how Google reads text can be a big help.

Google doesn't currently recognize punctuation or capitalization. Big deal, right? Actually, it is kind of a big deal when you consider how you can use this to your advantage. Let's take a look at a phrase that might be used when writing for SEO.

"south beach diet how"

Just try and fit that in one sentence and see if any native English readers will return to see what else you've written. But, since Google doesn't look at capitalization or punctuation this one is fairly easy to get into content that makes sense. Using that information you can write sentences like the ones below and actually look like you know something about the English language.

"You're going to live in South Beach? Diet how you want to but know that you're going to be scrutinized!"

"So, you want to try the South Beach diet. How do you know what to eat?"

As you can see, the keyword phrase exists in just the right order and the sentences actually make sense!

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