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How to Find New Clients as a Writer

typing for money photo: typing Randum008.jpg This is a fairly common question among new writers. Finding clients isn't always easy, and it does take some thinking outside the box. If you want to write online and make a good living out of it, writing for private clients is most definitely the way to go. First, you have to find them.

help wanted ads photo:  helpwantedadwithmagnifyglass-1.jpg  
Scour the Web

Your first inclination is going to be to type in terms like "jobs for writers" and you are going to get a lot of hits that involve writers talking about their work or trying to find work. What you need to do is consider what an ad might say and then type in terms that reflect what a client is looking for. A few examples are below.

"academic writers wanted"
"copywriter wanted"
"writing position"

As you can see in the first example, you even narrow down the venue you want to work in. Some other examples are below.

"fashion writers wanted"
"write about _____________" (Fill in the blank with your niche.)

Hopefully, you get the idea. What you are doing is using the search engine's method of ranking keywords to find the exact positions you are looking for. If you're still getting too many hits that don't reflect what you are looking for, narrow it down more.

"Telecommute academic writers wanted"
"urban fashion writers wanted"

Use Craigslist

Some writers have had horrible experiences with Craigslist. Personally, almost all of my experiences with them have been positive. However, I use specific methods to make sure they are positive, or at least aren't a waste of my time.

If you shop on Craigslist now, you probably look in your own area. Unless you're looking for an in-house position, that's not how you want to approach Craigslist for a writing job. Instead, use the All of Craigslist feature. Here, you can search everything Craigslist has to offer, whether it's in your area or not. Just type your search terms in the text box and revise them as needed.

Sign Up On Job Boards

There are plenty of places where you can find clients looking for writers. Consider joining job boards like eLance. oDesk, and others. I don't personally use them, but I know writers who have had great success with them.

Network with Other Writers

When I started out, I had no idea what I was doing. I knew how to write, but I didn't know how to write for an online audience or where to find work. The best decision I have ever made in my writing career was to join the Accentuate Writers Forum. I highly recommend it as a fantastic resource for writing leads, peer editing, tips, and just all around great writing advice. Network with the writers there and put in some real effort, and you are almost guaranteed success as a writer.

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Terrie Brockmann said...

Check with your local Job Service or other employment services. Sometimes, they know companies looking for writers. It usually is for technical writing (bummed I didn't pursue that as a major) or for writing ads. If they like your work, sometimes word-of-mouth referrals are profitable!

Kathy Foust said...

Word of mouth is STILL the best advertisement you can have. Good advice Terrie!

baugherdee said...

I tried to register at Accentuate and it told me it could not use my email address to register me????

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